Creating The Ultimate Alfresco Area


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Outdoor entertaining is part of the Australian lifestyle. Creating a relaxing, practical alfresco area is a great way to make your new home look and feel more spacious, and expand your entertaining area. To help you make the most of the outdoor space, we bring to you top tips for designing and building your alfresco area.

Consider The Size and Purpose of The Alfresco Area

If you have an airy home, your first instinct will be to make the most of it by building an expansive alfresco area. However, we suggest you think that decision through and estimate the space carefully. On top of that, consider the purpose of the project as well. What are you going to use the space for? Are you just going to read the morning paper there, or will you maybe throw large family gatherings and BBQs? If the former is your goal, then don’t exaggerate with the size. However, if you plan on doing the latter, then you’ll need an expansive alfresco area where the entire family will be able to spend time without feeling too crowded. Make sure there’s enough space for a BBQ or outdoor kitchen, a dining table and maybe even an outdoor lounge.

Aluminium roof louvres in open position.

Pick The Furniture Wisely

When you start planning your alfresco area, make sure you invest in quality furniture. Look only for the pieces that can withstand any kind of weather. From rain to snow and hail, you’ll need water-resistant furniture that won’t get ruined if a sudden rain shower hits. Furthermore, consider having a range of alternative seating options in your alfresco area. From chairs around a table to bench seats, lounges and bar stools, you’ll want a wide variety of seating options for people to able to enjoy spending time outdoors comfortably.

DIY installation of basic awning system.

Make It Suitable for Every Season

Your outdoor area should be accessible and usable all year round. In order to be able to use it both during nice and bad weather, consider installing an opening roof. With the louvres that you can control via a remote, you’ll be able to let more air in through the opened louvres and close the roof completely in case of rain. No need to run inside and miss out on a little bit of freshness after a summer rain shower. With bi-fold doors, you will have the opportunity to bring your outside space inside during winter.

DIY installation of basic awning system.

Hire Pros 

No idea how to add all of those weather-friendly features to your alfresco area? You don’t have to worry about a thing. With Opening Roof Specialists you will always be able to schedule an appointment and have our team of experts come by and do all the work for you. When you decide to install an opening roof on your alfresco area, we’re just a phone call away. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we will be able to install the roof in record time and have you enjoy your alfresco area sooner than expected.

Louvre roof design.

Choose The Right Cooking Area Option

Alfresco areas are a popular addition to the modern Australian home. Being constructed as a complete extra room, it will require additions such as a kitchen, BBQ or wood-fired pizza oven. Depending on the purpose of your alfresco area and on your cooking skills, add a suitable appliance or two to your outdoor area. The cooking area option that suits you best will depend on your lifestyle and entertaining style as well. Don’t forget a bar fridge so your beverages can be chilled to perfection and always conveniently within arm’s reach.

Opening roof pergola by the poolside.

Add Lighting

You’ll want to enjoy your alfresco area throughout an entire day so you’ll need quality lighting strategically placed around the area to set the mood. Think about installing bright task lighting near the barbecue, and add dimmable LED downlights that you can adjust according to your activities. Solar lights are a perfect option for garden beds and grassed areas. Install deck lights to light up the steps and add the wow factor to your alfresco area.

Final Thoughts

Having an alfresco area will add value to your home and allow you to make the most of your spacious property. When you decide to build the area, make sure you keep all the previously mentioned tips in mind. Only then will you be able to create the ultimate alfresco area that an entire family will enjoy all year round.

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