There’s no greater feeling than the sun’s warmth on your skin on a cool winter’s day. With the cold weather upon us, now is the time to consider how you can maximise winter sun and warmth over the next few months.

With the addition of an Eclipse Opening Roof system to your home, you don’t need to hibernate through winter. You can continue to entertain and enjoy your outdoor space with an innovative opening roof system that allows you to soak up every little bit of winter sun!

The Eclipse Opening Roof system is made from Australian sourced high-quality extruded aluminium. Aluminium is much more effective than steel as a thermal-conductor. This is an important consideration for both heating and cooling your outdoor space. It has a light reflectivity of over 80% which leads to it being used as an insulating material. All of this means that your innovative and dynamic Eclipse Opening Roof system will reflect most of the sun’s heat to promote a cool interior in summer yet insulating against heat loss in winter.

Aluminium is also non-corrosive, so it won’t rust like steel. We are so proud that the opening roof systems we built 30+ years ago are still standing strong today.

By leaving louvres marginally open as they heat and the hot air rises, it draws in the cooler air at ground level, thus creating a continual cooling effect for your ultimate comfort. With such dynamic heating and cooling capabilities, your Eclipse Opening Roof is the ideal solution for year-round entertaining.

An Eclipse Opening Roof system gives you a luxurious, uninterrupted view of the warm winter sun rather than diluted sunlight you’d get with a fixed patio or pergola roof. By angling your louvres at 90 degrees, all you see is beautiful blue sky above you – instead of looking up at an undesirable sunshade or dirty pergola.

The Eclipse Opening Roof system louvres can rotate almost 180 degrees and can be stopped at any angle of your choice. Our innovative remote control and T-Mate app allows you to select the optimum angle of your louvres to follow the sun, pouring as much warm sunshine on you and your guests as you choose.

Whilst louvre direction is an important consideration when designing your opening roof system, it is by running your louvre blades in a north/south direction, you can follow or block the sun as it suits you. This creates a space that you can use all year round in any conditions. The beauty of an Eclipse Opening Roof system is that your louvres can be rotated almost 180 degrees which means they can also run in an east/west direction without losing an excessive sunlight.

Our expert Design Consultants can design a sophisticated opening roof system that is completely customised to suit your outdoor space. We can work with any space and angle so that your opening roof system allows you to maximise warmth in winter and cooling in summer.

We also offer a sophisticated rain sensor that will automatically close your roof without interrupting your outdoor entertaining, protecting you, your outdoor furniture and your guests from the elements! It can also close when you’re not home!

Privacy screens, Ziptrak exterior roller blinds and heaters can also compliment your opening roof system and allow you to take full advantage of the sun being lower in the sky during the cooler winter months. In addition, they prevent the harsh cool winter draughts that the afternoon may bring, allowing you to continue to enjoy your outdoor space in complete comfort.

Having designed and built opening roof systems for 30+ years, we are the industry experts. We take into consideration all the variables of your site and partner with you to design an opening roof system to exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to arrange a site visit with our expert Design Consultants.

Opening roof with shade and shadows
Woodgrain opening roof with ceiling fan