Reasons to Have a Pergola With an Opening Roof In Your Garden


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Spending time outdoors is perfect when the weather is nice and you want to throw a family gathering or just barbeque with friends. To have full enjoyment and a real relaxing ambience, you should consider building a pergola. Not only will you have a cosy little area to unwind and hang out in, but you can also add value to your home and create an extension to your indoor living area. Aside from that, we have several other reasons why you need a pergola with an opening roof in your garden.

Create an Extension of Your Indoor Area

Have you thought about expanding your dining room perhaps? Is your kitchen combined with the dining room, and you need more room to have an entire family wine and dine together? If so, building a pergola with an opening roof can be a great solution for your small space. Expanding the indoor area with a pergola that has an opening roof will be both functional and aesthetically beautiful. Having a sheltered area that still allows without making you feel too closed is exactly what a pergola is all about. Add opening louvres to the roof, and you’ll have a fantastic outdoor area for dinners, cocktail hours and much more.

Add More Shade and Privacy to Your Garden

If you’d prefer to have an area that’s detached from the house and stands alone in the middle of the garden, a pergola can also serve that purpose. To create a secluded area for you to read a book, unwind or simply enjoy the outdoors, you can build a pergola anywhere in your garden. Not only will you be able to have some alone time but also enjoy the shade as the louvred roof will allow you to close the louvres whenever you want to stay away from the sun.

Example of a timber pergola construction.

Have a Relaxation Nook

With a pergola with an opening roof, you’ll have a private shaded nook just to yourself. If you’re not an expert in pergola building and roof installation, leave the entire work to professionals at  Opening Roof Specialists. We can install a fully functional opening roof into your existing pergola and allow you to have a relaxation nook that you’ve always dreamed about. When you want to enjoy more breeze, simply open the louvres, and if the rain starts, all you have to do is close the louvres and continue enjoying your time in your pergola.

DIY installation of basic awning system.

Add Value to Your Home

When you invest in a pergola, you’re investing in your future return of an investment. Let’s say sometime in the future you decide to moe and sell your current home. With a fully functional pergola with an opening roof, you’ll be able to ask for a much better price from potential buyers. A modern pergola will add value to your home and leave everyone in awe with its seamless design that can fit into any home’s exterior.

Open roof louvres.

Enjoy Outdoors Regardless of The Weather

Another reason why you need a pergola in your garden is that it will allow you to enjoy the outdoors during sunny days, rainy weather or windy seasons. As mentioned before, you can have a relaxation nook you’ve always dreamed about, but without having to rush inside in case of bad weather. All it takes is for you to press a button and close the louvres on an opening roof, and you’ll protect yourself and the belongings underneath the roof from the elements. No idea how to build a pergola, and much less ad an opening roof to it? No need to worry. Our experts at Opening Roof Specialists will be at your service and help with opening roof installation. Contact us today to ask for a quote and arrange everything regarding the installation.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading your garden will be beneficial in multiple ways. Aside from offering an aesthetically beautiful element to your outdoors, you’ll also have a functional accessory in your backyard. No matter the weather you’ll have a functional extension to your indoor living area where the entire family will be able to relax, hang out and spend their afternoons or mornings. Feel free to contact Opening Roof Specialists today and schedule your appointment for opening roof installation. Make your home the next most popular residence in the neighbourhood quickly and easily. 

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