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The owners had purchased a large home which had a large outdoor entertaining area. The original build had provided for an opening roof to be fitted to previously constructed concrete openings but it had not been done. The proposed structure had to fit into these openings and drain discretely.
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Integrated Outdoor Roof Installation and Drainage

It was decided that the appropriate colour should match that of the existing door and window frames. Upon inspection it was found that no drainage had been provided for. However, drainage of each pair of bays could be accomplished by running a gutter the full length of the two bays and under the centre beam so the drainage was discretely to the outside of the end concrete columns. The owners now had and extensive outdoor are for use year round. One of the added benefits was the ability to reflect light into the adjoining rooms as being a multi storied structure it was not possible to provide skylights to the area. Another benefit for the owners who had young children was the ability in summer to shade the tiled area beneath so the children could comfortably play and walk in that area.

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The Eclipse Opening Roof is a fantastic choice for homeowners wanting to upgrade their old pergola into something more practical and useful all-year round.

A traditional timber pergola offers a small amount of shade in the warmer months but does nothing to protect you from rain, wind or UV rays.

Opening Roof Specialists will design a custom solution that gives you complete control of the elements. The Eclipse Opening Roof can be integrated with your existing structure, erected on its own standalone frame, or any combination of both.

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