The ‘Outdoor Room’ seems to be the current trend, with innovations such as an Opening Roof System being a key feature.The versatility of an Opening Roof System allows you to use your outdoor space all year round, whatever the weather, enjoying winter sun and summer shade.

With many new Opening Roof Systems now in the marketplace, it’s important to know WHAT you are getting and WHO from.As the saying goes, you need to compare apples with apples!

We’ve done the work for you and have listed some of the key questions to ask when researching your Opening Roof System.We’ve even gone one better and outlined why you should choose an Eclipse Opening Roof System from Opening Roof Specialists.


Are your materials Australian made or imported?

We are passionate about supporting Australian business and industry.As such, we proudly only use materials sourced locally here in Australia where possible.The louvres and frame are extruded in Australia.Our motors are also assembled here in our factory located in South West Sydney.

What are the louvres made from?

The Eclipse louvres are a one-piece aluminium extrusion which are then powder coated to the colour of your choice.

Each louvre has stainless steel pins at each end – the stainless steel combined with the aluminium gives the perfect, durable, long-term finish.This is the ORS difference – quality and durability.We still have jobs built over 25 years ago operating as good as the day they were installed!

What are the posts and frame made from?

We prefer our entire construction to be assembled from aluminium posts and beams – of course, these are also manufactured in Australia.This allows us to provide a long-term solution for all areas especially if you are close to the coast.

Are the louvres water resistant?

Once the louvres shut, they lock into each other and create a water barrier, preventing water dripping between the louvres.Each louvre has a felt seal which eliminates any rattling and stops water tracking.The louvres are also constructed with a fall to direct the water away into the gutters and prevent it building up.

What colours do you offer?

The louvres are powder coated from the ‘Dulux’ powder coat range.Our colour brochure outlines our standard colours but we can customise to suit any application.

Which is the best direction for the louvres to run?

This is a hard question!If your site faces north, then your louvres should run east/west.However, the beauty of the Eclipse Opening Roof is that the louvres rotate approximately 170 degrees, giving you total control over sun and shade, whatever the time of the year, whatever direction your home faces.

It is worthwhile noting that most articles on the direction of louvres are referring to fixed louvres, suggesting the optimum shape and direction for such applications.

Is the rain sensor included?

A rain sensor is a standard inclusion with our Eclipse Opening Roof System.If the weather turns when you are not at home, the automated system will close the roof when the rain sensor becomes wet. Remember the rain sensor is what it says – rain has to fall on the sensor to make it operate your roof.

Do you supply any accessories or complementary products?

Yes we do!Opening Roof Specialists is an authorised Ziptrak fabricator and reseller as they are one of the best on the market.Designed specifically for outdoor use, Ziptrak’s guided system is simple and easy to use.It is a robust, Australian-made product designed specifically for our harsh weather conditions.It can also be coloured to match the frame of your Opening Roof System, integrating perfectly with your exterior design.

We also have a wide range of lighting, heaters, fans and privacy screens to complement your outdoor space.All exterior roller blinds and accessories can be supplied and fitted at the same time as your Opening Roof, making us a one-stop shop for your complete outdoor design.If installed at the time of building, any wires can be concealed in the beam, giving you a clean, stylish look!

How long till you start building my Opening Roof System?

From the time you pay your deposit we generally require around 6-8 x weeks so we can check measure, order materials and arrange powder coating for your new Opening Roof System.Once we receive your deposit, the next step is to have our Check Measurer visit your site to confirm all dimensions and the finer details.


How long have you been designing and building Opening Roof Systems?

We have been designing and building Opening Roof Systems since 1989.Our Managing Director, Alex Pataky has been in the industry for a long time and leads our team to deliver the most innovative, stylish and sleek Opening Roof Systems on the market.  We offer our customers complete freedom in design that can be suited to your individual needs – not just a standard kit!

Do you use sub-contractors to build your Opening Roof Systems?

All of our staff are employees. We only use our dedicated and expert employees to design, manufacture and build your Opening Roof System.We pride ourselves in delivering a high-quality customer experience that we can control at any step of the process.

Do you have Home Owner’s Warranty Insurance?

In NSW, it is compulsory for all licensed builders and contractors to provide home building compensation (HBC) cover to homeowners for residential projects valued over $20,000, (unless exempted under the Home Building Act 1989).

We are fully licensed and comply with this legislation, giving you complete peace of mind when you choose us to design and build your Opening Roof System.  In addition, our Opening Roof Systems comply with current Australian Engineering and powder coating standards.

For contracts greater than $1,000, legislation states that the contractor must be licensed for the work being performed and provide a written contract.If all of these conditions are not met, you may jeopardise your right to make a claim, should the project not turn out as expected.

What is the process?

At every step of the process, you’ll only be speaking with a member of our professional team.

Here’s a quick overview of our process:-

  1. Our Design Consultant will visit your home to assess your outdoor space and talk through design options and colours. They will then prepare a contract with a drawing, setting out the details for you to sign.
  2. Once your deposit is received and your contract is signed, our Construction Manager then will do a Check Measure to ensure everything is absolutely perfect.
  3. Our Production Coordinator will then contact you to arrange for your Opening Roof to built at a time that is suitable for you.
  4. Our specialist Installers will then arrive on time at your home with all materials required to build your Opening Roof.

At any time throughout this process, you have direct contact to your Design Consultant as well as our customer service team who can answer any questions you may have.

How much does it cost to construct an Eclipse Opening Roof system?

We design, manufacture and build to your individual requirements.Every project is customised to create the ultimate outdoor living experience.The Eclipse Opening Roof system is constructed from the highest quality components and is a long-term investment that adds significant value to your home.As an indication, allow around $1,200 per square metre subject to site inspection.This gives you a complete turn-key solution with all materials, automation and installation included.Our Design Consultants are the experts who can talk you through various options to suit your style and budget.


Do you provide ongoing servicing?

Yes, we do!We have a mobile, dedicated service technician who has expert knowledge of our product.Most of the time, issues can be resolved on the spot with tools and spare parts he carries with him.We can still service the Opening Roof Systems we built almost 30 years ago.

What’s the warranty on your Opening Roof System?

We offer a very comprehensive warranty to give you complete peace of mind.Our high-quality powder coating comes with a 10-year warranty and you also have the option to upgrade to a premium powder coat with a 20-year warranty.We offer a 5-year warranty on our motors.Remember under NSW law, you also have your statutory warranty which gives you added peace of mind.

Choosing an Opening Roof System for your outdoor space doesn’t need to be complicated. By asking the right questions, you are informed and can make a decision that will see your outdoor area completely transformed!

Call us today to arrange for your free design consultation with our expert team.