Over the years, we have been using a simple but limited analogy when explaining what an opening roof system is. We say it’s a pergola…  reimagined.

That might be a little offensive to our sophisticated opening roofs but it gets the conversations started. Chances are that you have seen a pergola or even have/had a pergola attached to your home. Isn’t it awkward? It was a brilliant idea couple of decades ago, but then again, back then we used mobile phones the size of briefcases! That was then this is now. 

Our sophisticated opening roof systems are designed to complement and enhance the natural architecture of your office or building. We specialise in tailor-made solution so our opening roof will fit your building perfectly. 

Of course, the reason our customers choose to invest in an opening roof is because it puts you in control of the elements. Rain or shine you can simple tap on the controller to give you family comfort, closure and better security. 

Some of the benefits of our opening roof system include:

•   Wind control

•   Light and glare control

•   Heat and sunlight control

•   Optimal light manipulation

•   Add value to your property

The added benefit is that our opening roofs help you building keep cooler in summer and warmer in winter helping you save on electricity bills and the louvres provide ventilation when you need it. 

We don’t erect barriers to nature or just install an ordinary roof over your head that permanently shuts out the sky. The opening roof puts you in control of the elements instead shutting the elements out completely!

Our Opening Roofs are perfect for areas needing weather protection without losing the advantage of sunlight to illuminate your lunge room, dining room and other adjoining rooms. 

Our roof louvres also let in fresh air for healthy ventilation. Not only that, but our Eclipse System is intentionally designed to be completely flexible to cover small areas or large and expansive ones. Larger areas can be installed in sections but still conveniently controlled from one centralised switching systems.

We can offer you the following options:

The Eclipse Classic Opening Roof is our longest running solution that comes with a special gutter to channel water and two-decade track record. If you’re looking for reputation, then we have been working with this system since 1993! 

The Alfresco Opening Roof is specially engineered to span further than any other opening roof system in Australia. It comes with an appealing aluminium woodgrain finish that gives your opening roof the timeless look of timber without the hassle of real timber – you get the look without the headache!

The Eclipse Sun Louvre designed to complement the Eclipse Opening Roof it’s suitable for vertical and horizontal applications to create window awnings, privacy screens or wind and sun blocks. 

Our technologically advanced louvres can rotate almost 180 degrees of motion giving you the freedom to choose refreshing breeze in summer or natural sunlight in winter – just the way you like it. 

Our standard rain sensor is actuated by rainfall. The roof will close automatically when it sense raindrops. You won’t have to do a thing.  

We cannot cover every benefit of our opening roof systems in this short post. If you are interested to learn more we invite you to download our brochure here or if you prefer you can get in touch with us via email here.