Spring is such a great time of year as we await the warm summer nights ahead.  The thought of entertaining family and friends in the sunshine whilst creating memories that will last a lifetime – that’s what spring and summer are all about.

Whether you have an Opening Roof System, fixed roof, pergola, retractable roof or something else covering your outdoor space, there are some must-do spring cleaning jobs to be done to be ensure you are ready to entertain. 

We’ve put together a spring-cleaning checklist that will see your alfresco area become the envy of the street this spring and summer!

Clean Your Opening Roof System

If you have an Opening Roof System, spring is the perfect time to give it some attention so your alfresco area is ready for outdoor entertaining.   The Eclipse Opening Roof is very low maintenance and requires little effort to ensure it operates efficiently.  A regular hose down and light scrub with soapy water is needed to ensure there’s no build-up of grime and dust. 

We also advise that you open and close your roof and spray the pivot pins with Lanox, even during winter to ensure the louvres to continue to operate smoothly and seamlessly.

Clean Your Gutters and Downpipes

Your gutters and downpipes will need a good clear out, particularly after the cool and windy winter months.  Keep your gutters free of leaves, dirt build-up and anything else that could stop the flow of water.  It’s also a good idea to trim any vines or climbing plants located near your gutters are kept clear. 

Plant Flowers

Spring is the best time to inject colour into your garden.  The key is to select the right plants that are best suited to your home considering sun and shade.  Plants such as petunias, marigolds, snapdragons, pansies and geraniums are versatile and work well in most conditions. 

You could also plant some beautiful herbs such a basil and parsley.  Not only does this add lush greenery to your garden, but you can use it in the kitchen as well as styling your outdoor space. 

Feed And Water Your Lawn

Your lawn may have been dormant during winter, meaning it shuts down and turns brown in order to conserve water and nutrients.  As the warmer months approach, now is a good time to give your lawn some attention so it grows lush and green for summer.  It’s a good idea to pull up any weeds, aerate your soil and then patch up any bare areas with some seed or turf.  Give your grass a good mow, then consider top dressing it to give it a fresh burst of nutrients.  Finish it all off with a good feed and water and before you know it, your grass will be sea of green before your very eyes.

Wash Down Outdoor Furniture To Remove Spiders, Bugs and Dust

Your outdoor furniture will need a good clean after not being used much in winter.  It’s important to give them a good scrub, particularly underneath to get rid of any spiders or bugs that have taken up residence during the cooler months.  Always check the manufacturer’s care instructions to ensure you are using the correct method and equipment to clean your outdoor furniture. 

Update Soft Furnishings

With spring comes a whole new range of soft furnishings to give your outdoor space a new look that is on trend and modern.  New cushions and throws are the perfect way to update your outdoor space and keep it contemporary.  Research the latest trends and colour palettes to incorporate current styles in your home.  You can also add candles, vases and other homewares to create ambience, mood and a sense of comfort in your outdoor space.

Update Accessories & Lighting Ready For Summer Entertaining

Lighting is often overlooked when it comes to the design of your outdoor area, however it is an important consideration.  Good lighting will give you just the right feel of your outdoor space.  When you choose an Eclipse Opening Roof, we have an extensive range of lighting options to complement your outdoor area.  Downlights, spotlights and strip lighting are the most popular options and can be installed at the same time as your opening roof system for your convenience. 

Pool Maintenance

Is there anything more inviting than a glistening blue pool in summer?  If you do own a pool, there’s some spring cleaning to be done so that it’s ready for that first dive of the swimming season.  Firstly, check your pool fence is secure and complies with the relevant regulation.  You should also check the pool fence lock to ensure it works as it should.  It’s also a good idea to check the coping and repair any loose tiles.  Take a sample of your pool water and take it down to your local pool supplier so it can be checked.  Check your pool is always clear or leaves and that the pump and skimmer basket are kept clean. 

Wash Your Windows

With the arrival of spring, it’s a small pleasure to just be able to open your windows and fill your home with beautiful, warm, fresh air.  Heating your home over winter may have resulted in condensation on your windows causing a build-up of mildew or mould.  Freshen up the interior and exterior of your windows with a good clean so they are clear and ready for your summer entertaining. 

Check Your Outdoor BBQ/Cooktop

You may not have done much barbequing during winter, so it’s important to check your gas bottle and bbq cooktop before you fire it up.  Always turn off and disconnect the gas before you start cleaning and check that the gas hose isn’t cracked or deteriorated.  Give the tray and grills a good clean and scrape away any built up grease and grime.  Before you put the grills back in place, give the BBQ a good clean with hot soapy water and soft scouring pad.  Your BBQ is now ready for all those delicious and simple summer meals shared with family and friends in your outdoor space.

With some simple spring cleaning, your outdoor area will be ready for entertaining in no time at all.  The addition of an Eclipse Opening Roof to your outdoor space ensures you can entertain in all weather, all year round.  Call us today to arrange for your free design consultation with our expert team.

Opening roof in backyard with timber deck and pool
Opening roof in backyard with timber deck and pool