‘A man’s home is his castle’ is an old saying, yet it appears to be more relevant today with our indoor/outdoor lifestyle. These days, it seems the space for a block of land is getting smaller whilst our homes are becoming larger, making it difficult to achieve privacy in your own backyard.

You’ve created an outdoor oasis, yet you’re in full view of your neighbours and your outdoor peace has been replaced with pandemonium. Whether you are wanting to shield your outdoor space from neighbours or noise, there are many backyard privacy solutions available that are functional, as well as sophisticated and stylish. You can be as creative as you like with solutions to suit all budgets. Here are our top five ways to create the perfect balance of style, privacy and functionality in your backyard.

1. Opening Roof System

An opening roof system offers you the best of both worlds with the flexibility to adjust the louvres to screen the view of neighbours whilst maintaining light and ventilation. With an Eclipse Opening Roof system, not only can you increase privacy but you can control light, glare and wind to create your private sanctuary to enjoy with family and friends. Our Eclipse Opening Roof system allows you to maximise winter sun and summer breeze with louvres that rotate almost 180 degrees. Made from Australian sourced products, including high-quality aluminium, the Eclipse opening roof system won’t rust as steel does and is considered to be the best on the market. The sophisticated sleek design of our louvres can be angled to increase privacy from the watchful eye of your neighbours whilst enhancing your outdoor space – not to mention, adding significant value to your home.  We have 60+ colours in our range in addition to a beautiful timber look finish using DecoWood.

Opening roof system

2. Outdoor Roller Blinds

Outdoor roller blinds allow you to connect your indoor with your outdoors, giving you a private space to use all year round. A Ziptrak outdoor roller blind is fully automated and can be left at any position along the track, putting you in complete control of creating an enclosed and protected area. Your outdoor roller blind will also give you protection from pests such a flies and mosquitoes when you’re entertaining outdoors. Opening Roof Specialists’ is an authorised Ziptrak fabricator and reseller as they are the best on the market. Designed specifically for outdoor use, Ziptrak’s guided system is simple and safe to operate with no dangerous cords or handles required. It is a robust, aluminium product that’s Australian-made and built to withstand years of rough outdoor conditions. It can also be coloured to suit the frame of your Eclipse Opening Roof system, integrating perfectly with your exterior design.

Ziptrak blinds

3. Privacy Screens

Another way of increasing privacy as well as adding functionality is the addition of aluminium slats or louvres to the perimeter of your Eclipse Opening Roof system. Not only does this give you added privacy, but it will also reduce wind gusts and cool draughts. During winter, you can enjoy sunlight coming through the louvres whilst shutting out those chilling winds. We have a range of privacy screens available that can be colour matched with your Eclipse Opening Roof system and fitted during installation.

Privacy panels

4. Metal Art

Metal wall screens are a modern solution to create privacy and screening in your backyard. Not only can metal art shield your backyard from onlookers, it can be perfectly integrated within your outdoor design to hide unsightly pool equipment and/or air conditioning units. The inclusion of metal art in your outdoor space makes for a decorative solution that can align seamlessly with your overall outdoor design and style whilst providing you with a private sanctuary that is both unique and functional. With this emerging trend of metal art to create privacy in your backyard comes innovation. There are many metal art trends to incorporate into your backyard design such as vertical planters, sculptures and screens. We love this metal art privacy screen from Curves and Edges who couple artistic intuition with clever engineering to custom make metal art for their clients.

Metal art

5. Hedging

Add some privacy to your outdoor space with a fast-growing hedging plant that offers you a natural privacy screen solution. A uniform row of plants can balance harsh structural elements of your outdoor space, giving you a view of beautiful, lush greenery as well as privacy from neighbours and noise. You’ll enjoy year-round foliage with evergreen plants, creating maximum privacy in your outdoor area at any time of the year. There are many options available to suit your budget and style with some of the most popular plant choices being Lilly Pilly, Photinia Robusta, Viburnums and Magnolia. Consider a deciduous shrub for summer shade that will provide you with beautiful warm winter sunshine and light – giving you the best of both worlds. Be sure to research the most appropriate plant for your space, climate and the recommended growing conditions.


With so many ways to create privacy in your backyard, the possibilities are endless! Even when our backyards are becoming seamlessly more compact, you can have the best of both worlds and create an outdoor sanctuary to enjoy all year round.

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